Drive results through engagement and outcomes

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We employ effective strategies to connect with the nursing audience. We extend this access to our partners, and provide insight on engagement and outcomes.


HCM publishes award winning journals and innovative digital resources, providing access and influence to the nursing and healthcare professional markets.


Give your message the professional edge to engage and influence. Our reach and thought leadership drive many strategic initiatives to build successful campaigns for our partners. 

Data-driven Marketing SolutionS

Peer-Reviewed Publishing

Clinically sound, engaging and timely, the content that makes it into our journals is reviewed by a distinguished board of editors and healthcare practitioners.

Native Advertising

Authority and credibility is built through editorial integration with key messaging and strategic placement. 


Tap into the highest engaging digital media. Programs are available in short form and series formats, and are supported by a holistic marketing plan.


Need to teach a group about best practices in technology, sanitation, wound care, mindfulness — We can help build an education program that delivers content via web, print, webinars and more.

Targeted Advertising

Our sites were visited by more than 3 million nursing professionals last year.  Creative ads across all channels play a key role in branding, engagement, and leads. 

Digital Asset Development

HCM’s hyper-focused resources are developed for partners to promote specific goals and campaigns that provide authority.


Reach professionals across multiple devices that allows you to entertain while you educate. Generate accessible and portable content for busy HCPs.


Presented as live broadcasts, these streaming resources provide direct access to though leaders through real-time Q & A sessions and interactive features.

Market Research and Audience Insights

Leverage market research experience and access to millions of healthcare professionals who want to be heard. 

Mobile Marketing

Studies have predicted that as many as 97% of nurses will use mobile devices for care-related activities. We can reach them.

Let's Talk about Results

To learn more about HCM’s proven multichannel solutions, reach out for a strategy session with one of our account directors